Monsterpalooza 2017 was a blast! Lots of delightfully talented people there. If you enjoy creepy excellence, I highly suggest you check out the show, it comes around twice a year.

That being said, I'd like to share with you some beautiful images of my concept coming to life via Akihito (Sculptor and Makeup Artist), and Mick Ignis (Actor).


First off, here is a recap of my design. I really tried to incorporate some of Akihito's shape language that he likes to use in his work in order to facilitate an enjoyable experience as he sculpted and prepped bringing Tsillah into being.

Here are some nice shots taken by Adobe after the show.  As you can see, the finished product is pretty fantastic. The design garnered quite a bit of attention at Monsterpalooza as Akihito and his assistant Ayumi Komiyama applied makeup and prosthetics. Mick Ignis did a wonderful job portraying Tsillah, giving her a healthy dollop of pazazz. 


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