Mick Ignis Becomes Tsillah

Mick Ignis will be portraying the mysterious Tsillah at Monsterpalooza in full makeup. This isn't Mick's first rodeo playing dark and enigmatic characters, so this will be a sight to see! 

Ignis is an American screen and stage actor, best known for playing dark and eccentric characters, often taking on transformative roles in the Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy genre while utilizing heavy makeup and prosthetics. He is often noted for his unusually tall, slender, androgynous body-type and versatile physicality. You can find some of his work in promotional material for the survival-horror game 'The Evil Within', as the title character in the hit film 'Severus Snape and the Marauders', and as multiple featured demons in the IFC series 'Stan Against Evil'.

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