J. R. Coffron & Akihito Combine Forces (Cont.)

Hey guys, I am excited to share with you some more progress! She is coming together nicely. Here is a sneak peak at some of the hard work that has been done to bring Tsillah to life at April's Monsterpalooza.


The Process

Akihito made seven separate stone molds for each section of Tsillah and three separate 1630 plastic molds for the SFX makeup for her face.

The yellowish skin here is latex. Underneath the latex is a soft sponge material. At this point, Akihito is carving the inside of the sponge out to conform to actor Mick Ignis' body shape. 

Much of the face will have to be brought together via silicon and SFX makeup.  There is still a lot of work to do! We hope you guys will love the character! 

Come take a picture with her at Monsterpalooza

Click below, if you would like to see artwork featuring Tsillah and read a tale about her.